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About Fusion

Modern day fireworks contain toxic components such as perchlorate, along with harmful and carcinogenic metals used to create the luminant experience. As such, we have created an environmentally-friendly firework that replaces the toxic color-creating metals with safer alternatives, such as nitrocellulose, thereby eliminating 90% of the main polluting component, black powder. Our solution reduces firework carbon emissions by 50%. We strive to promote a safe environment while redefining how events can be performed.


Our Mission

Here at Fusion, our mission is to celebrate moments, spark memories, sustain the environment and light the fuse to a brighter future through the sale of our eco-friendly fireworks.

Our Bundles

Our Children’s Birthday bundle to make your Child’s birthday one they remember for a lifetime consists of:

-100 Sparklers

-5 boxes of 50 Snap Pops

-4 of our Big Boy 3 inch firework shells

-2 each of our Green Bean Machine, Pizza Palooza, Gallivanting Goldfish, and Smurf Storm, and one each of our Pink Panther and Booming Bananas

-10 Ground Blooms in the colors of green, red, orange, blue, pink, and yellow

-5 of our Confetti Poppers

-5 of our Smoke Bombs

Worried no one will show up to your child’s birthday party? With our Children's Birthday Bundle, your kid will be the talk of the playground. With the Fusion experience, everyone can enjoy a memorable, vibrant, and safe fireworks show.

Our Gender Reveal bundle consists of:

-2 of our Big Boy 5 inch firework shells (in pink or blue)

-5 Confetti Poppers

-2 boxes of 50 Snap Pops

-10 of our Smoke Bombs (in pink or blue)

-4 of our Streamer Poppers

Oops! You’re pregnant! Guess our Romantics bundle worked too well! Introducing our Gender Reveal bundle - the explosive way to find out it’s a he or she! Get ready to light up the sky and reveal your baby’s gender with style! With our pink/blue poppers and fireworks, we assure you that your reveal will be less disappointing!

Our New Years’ bundle to bring in the new year with a bang consists of:

-3 of our Big Boy 3 inch fireworks

-5 of our Big Boy 5 inch fireworks

-300 pack of Sparklers

-20 pack of our Confetti Poppers, one each of our Pink Panther, Gallivanting Goldfish, and Smurf Storm

-3 fountains in the colors of pink, orange, and blue

-15 of our Hotshots

-5 of our Firecracker Strips

New Year, New You? Let’s be real, you aren’t going to the gym. Don’t waste your money on a membership…buy our New Years bundle instead! Start off the beginning of the year with our wide selection of celebratory products! From watching our hot shots burst into the moonlight to gazing at our illuminating sparklers, it will be guaranteed that your guests won’t be quiet about your super fun event. Create unforgettable memories with our New Year’s Bundle, the best way to spend your money!

Contact Information

(864) 355-7888

794 Hammett Bridge Rd, Greer, SC 29650

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