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About Our Products

The anatomy of a firework

How It Works

Our fireworks work by maximizing safety and minimizing emissions. After lighting the firework and dropping it into the mortar, the heat and spark travel through the blast chamber, which has a small quantity of black powder increasing reactivity. Due to the pressure, the heat increases and reaches the nitrocellulose, which reacts to the pressure and heat. This allows for the propellant to be activated, which launches the firework creating a dazzling display.

The Fire Triangle

Oxygen, fuel and heat represent the three components of the triangle needed to create a fire. 

Our fireworks use the main components of the fire triangle to ensure our products work efficiently. The oxidizer in our fireworks acts as the oxygen, which works with the fuel to combine into the firework’s propellant. Fusion’s propellant is a perchlorate-free black powder and nitrocellulose, which is much safer for the environment. The spark from the mortar starts the reaction, which leads to a vibrant, environmentally safe fireworks display!

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